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         Niles Steel Works         

Niles Steel Works features the steel guitar played in a wide variety of music styles, including Hawaiian, Country, Old School Rock, Latin, Standards and Ballads.  Based in the City of Fremont's Niles District, Niles Steel Works is generally available to play throughout Northern California, and may travel further by special arrangement.

     Roberto Alaniz      

Roberto (Bob) Alaniz is a member of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association, which boasts members from around the world. Roberto has been playing steel guitar for 50 years and was originally inspired by Santo and Johnny, who had the hit record "Sleepwalk" in 1959.  

     Jorge Alaniz      

Jorge Alaniz, older brother of Roberto, plays electric and acoustic guitar. Jorge and Roberto grew up in Southern California and started playing music in their early teen years.Jorge played in such groups as the Los Angeles Mandolin Orchestra, Berkeley Mandolin Ensemble, and the San Francisco Starlight Orchestra. Jorge's musical interest are broad and he has played a variety of world music, including Greek, Latin, Classical, Contemporary and Jazz Standards.





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Roberto Alaniz